Thursday, September 28, 2006

List of Green goings on in Toronto

This list is partly for my benefit as well as I'm having trouble keeping track of it all!

Events I'm planning to go to:

Green Toronto Festival - An outdoor event, hope for good weather!

Green Energy Home Show - Event this weekend at the Kortright Centre ( I plan to volunteer there with the Sustainable Living Network(

Nuit Blanch (see previous post) -

I'm going to these two events with a nature tour guide friend I made at Greendrinks:
-Wychwood Tree Festival -
-Talk on the Geology of the Brick Works -

Then, I was invited to a workshop on making kimchi (chinese fermented cabbage) at 3:30.

Oct 10th-15th - Sustainable buildings workshop - I'd like to go to this week-long workshop on sustainable buildings - it sounds so interesting. From their website:
"The flaring beauty and crisp nights of the fall brings us back to home, and our physical needs for sustenance and warmth through the winter. The first half of the week will be spent learning about sustainable building and technologies. We'll visit Ôoff-grid' homes, including strawbale, cob, tire house or earthships, and year-round greenhouses. We'll make bio-diesel from used french-fry oil, for direct use in oil furnaces & diesel engines, and learn about other sustainable living technologies such as; passive and photovoltaic solar, wind generators and geothermal heating."

Alternative Energy - The solar array at the Toronto Horse Palace at Exhibition Place. Check out the webcam and live data to see how it's doing right now! (it's cloudy now so not much solar power going on!) - Click on "environment" for a list of environmental initiatives including the wind turbine, green roofs, PV, geothermal, and more. - EnWave's Deep Lake Water Cooling System. Cold water from Lake Ontario is used to cool office towers, sports & entertainment complexes and more.

Conferences - Design, Knowledge and Sustainability conference currently going on. I'm not planning to go though some of the presentations sound really really interesting. I'd love to learn more about design! - A conference put on by the Niagara Escarpment Commission, Leading Edge is Canada’s pre-eminent conference on sustainability, environmental monitoring and biosphere research. Expensive event outside of Toronto next week.

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