Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Awesome art festival

I just found out about this awesome all-night art festival going on Saturday night called Nuit Blanche - "White Night". From sundown Sat night to sunrise Sun morning, there are over 100 art exhibits to see in one of three zones throughout the city. Art galleries will be open all night, as will some food establishments and various independent art spaces. Performance artists will abound, as will random spontaneous street art. I'm excited to stay up for some of it at least!

I haven't done much today - another heated yoga class - I learned the room is 105 degrees, with 35% humidity. I feel great but exhausted from it.

Heading out to a veggie restaurant with Lynda and Emaline soon - The Toronto Vegetarian Association offers a discount card that you can use at tons of establishments (grocery stores and veg restaurants, etc) and I'm going to try to make use of Lynda's card before it runs out at the end of this month!

At some point later I want to write more about biking in the city...

: )


Anonymous said...

There is a growing consortum of people interested in learning more about biking in the city. further, there have been requests from some for pictures of bike lanes or other bike related paraphanelia related to city riding. the people have spoken.

Anonymous said...

you haven't mentioned pickles once. whats going on?