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We're $200,000 Climate Change Finalists!

Please Vote Before 4/7 to Help TrueMajority, VEIC, and Spring Hill Solutions Solve Climate Change:

Harnessing the Power of Individuals and Communities to Solve Climate Change

TrueMajority, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, and Spring Hill Solutions are in the final round for a $200,000 climate change grant from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - and we need your help one more time. We have a concept that is competing against other ideas in an online voting competition. There were nearly 100 ideas in the first round. Now it's down to four finalists and we're one of them, so our chances are very good.

Please vote now. When you get to the JustMeans web site click the 'Support it' button on the upper right side of the page. Registration on their site is quick and free, and JustMeans promises not to spam you.

Voting ends Tuesday, April 7th - but please don't wait until then!

Our idea in short: We're developing a comprehensive employee- and community-based program that will empower individuals everywhere to visualize, understand, and reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using the essential elements of communities, workplaces, incentives, and social networking. Our idea will change the world one person - and one community - at a time.

If our project receives the most votes it will greatly help our chances of being funded. Please vote now and provide your thoughts and ideas in the comment section - those help a lot, too. Please help us make the work of solving climate change personal and powerful.

Concept Summary:

The Vermont Energy Investment Corporation - a nonprofit energy efficiency and renewable energy business of 170 people - recently adopted a "Big Hairy Audacious Goal" (BHAG) to offset their carbon footprint by 10,000-fold in 20 years! By 2027, they will avoid 10,000 pounds of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for every pound they contribute, and they'll avoid 20 million tons annually of GHG emissions by 2027. Harnessing the power of individuals, we want to help every organization and community to set and achieve similar GHG reduction goals.

We live in a world of workplace communities similar to VEIC. We believe that community carbon footprints and reduction strategies must leverage the power of the individual. The personal decisions we make (the foods we eat, where we go on vacation, the cars we drive, how we heat our houses) have huge impacts. We're building a comprehensive and portable suite of tools and incentives for empowering individuals - singly and collectively - as members of communities that want to better understand, manage and reduce their carbon footprints and impacts on the shared environment. We'll use the campaign to help workplace communities everywhere to track emissions and progress, use social networking and incentives from businesses to inspire and motivate, and embrace ideas like internal carbon trading, games, incentives, and challenges. As we develop, test, and refine these ideas, we'll promote our results widely with the help of TrueMajority and other partner organizations - while making our open-source ideas and toolkit free to organizations and communities around the world so that they can use and continually improve the toolkit to help change the world one person at a time.

Please help fund our project by clicking here now.

Thanks for your support!

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