Saturday, December 09, 2006

Back in New York!

I'm now back on Long Island after having spent the past few days in Albany at an environmental conference and with my dear friend, Monika.

With my 10-week northeast trip now 'over' I feel the need for closure, to recap the trip, to somehow conclude this travel blog... But before that, let me say that I do plan to continue writing to this blog with the hopes of continuing to share inspiration with the those in my world. What started as a strange concept - writing notes to myself and posting them out there in the virtual world, is now in some ways part of my identity. You may say I've become attached to the blog (ah attachment, there you are again, with your many lessons!). So please continue to check it out!

So... looking back over my random blog posts over the past two+ months, I realize there is so much I didn't say! At times my posts resembled a laundry list of what I did, planned to do, or wanted to do. Peppered throughout were some thoughts on environmentalism, traveling, and living consciously in general. Which, of course, are the major topics of conversation I love to share with others. And boy did I share! Before hitting the road I never could have guessed how many amazing people I would meet over the course of my travels, and how much they would teach me about myself. To those of you reading this, please accept my wholehearted thanks for being a part of my trip! I hope to stay in touch with you all and cross many of your paths again in this crazy world.

One interesting thing I learned about the logistics of traveling was that it got easier with each transition. Taking the first step is always the hardest, and the second is pretty darn hard too. But after that, moving from place to place, from experience to experience, became part of the adventure, and I welcomed the connections I knew each change would bring. I learned how to let go and give into the flow around me. You know the whole "go with the flow" idea? I feel I finally know how to live it now! And equally important to moving onward when the universe tells you to, is not pushing to make something happen whose time isn't right. I'm still working on a poem about this concept, and about a very specific event that happened in Burlington, which I will post when complete...

In the meantime, I will share a different work-in-progress: A haiku about traveling.

Open traveling
meeting new patterns of life
energies flowing

Connections abound
sharing experiences
making new friendships

Learning many things
internal and external
life lessons are taught

Time to move on now
letting go of attachment
new meetings await


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