Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In limbo between Canada and the US

I've spent the past few days with Jeff, a friend I made at the inspirational Sustainable Living Workshop a few weeks ago. Jeff is a student at Bishops University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and I've been learning about all the environmental issues and initiatives here, such as the student-run community garden, the sociology club's community kitchen initiative, the controversial issue of a highway being built through the school's property - property that could be used for growing food or taking classes out into the fields for exploration and adventure, and the proposal for a greenhouse to be built on campus - to bridge the town/gown communities as well as provide an intellectual and edible resource for students on campus.

I've watched two amazing documentaries since I've been here. I highly recommend everyone watch: Why We Fight about the US military industrial complex and I Know I'm Not Alone by Michael Franti (an awesome musician and peace activist), both of which show the true cost of war, in sometimes depressing but overall inspirational, ways.

We're heading off to Vermont and New Hampshire for the next few days to check out some cool examples of sustainability including a cob house, ecovillages, farms, and the University of New Hampshire's garden/farm program.

I'm not sure how much email access I will have at the time, so don't expect updates for a little while! In the meantime, take care of each other and the land. Don't take anything for granted. : )

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