Friday, October 06, 2006

Sustainable Buildings Workshop - I'll be leaving Toronto Tuesday

Sounds awesome, eh?

The Sustainable Building and Technologies Workshop Schedule:

Tuesday the 10th arrival in the afternoon evening-tour- dinner- opening circle.

Wednesday spend the day with Frank and Cheryl (of Living Sol) and Sky Ferris, looking at Strawbale building, passive and active solar, alternative building and heating methods, composting toilets.

Thursday we will spend the day at the Earthship (tire house) with Errol and Lisa, learn how they constructed their structure from recyclable materials, and about self-contained gray water systems. Hopefully we can get working too and help them finish their project.

Friday is our biodeciel day with the BioDeisel Grandaddy of the Ottawa Valley Steve Anderson.

Saturday and Sunday will be spent focusing on traditional food and medicinal technologies such as canning, drying, fermenting, and tincturing and making infused oils and salves.

We should also get a few root digging and foraging sessions in during the week.

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