Sunday, October 22, 2006

I never thought I'd be back in Toronto so soon!

At the time I realized I wanted to leave Life Spring a bit early, a friend from Toronto whom I had met my first night there at GreenDrinks offered come to the farm to say hi on his way back from a kayaking trip. I took him up on his offer and hitched a ride back to To with him Friday night.

After about four hours of sleep we left the apartment by 6am yesterday morning to get to the CN Tower where his girlfriend Adele was participating in a breast cancer fundraiser - running up all 1776 stairs of the tower! I considered signing up for the run, but instead I took the elevator up to the observation deck - for half price - and got to see the sunrise over Toronto - not an experience many will have as the tower usually doesn't open until 10am.

I spent the day with Jon and Adele yesterday and was going to head out with them to finally experience Toronto's night life a bit, but a migraine set in (from lack of sleep?) and instead I opted to sleep for 12 hours.

I'm now here updating my blog- finally!

I'll likely be heading to Ottawa with Jon's friend on Tuesday - and hope to stay with globalfreeloaders for a few days there before heading to Montreal. There are ecovillages and things I want to check out near Ottawa, but other than that I don't have much planned out yet.

~Enjoy the day~

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