Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, which makes it a three day weekend as compared to the US 4-day weekend for this holiday in November. Because the holiday falls on a Monday, people strangely choose to celebrate either Sat or Sunday with their families. The holiday is not nearly as consumer driven as our Thanksgiving, and of course nothing like "black friday" exists on the day after as it is still so far from Christmas. But the celebration is still the same: cook all day with family/friends, watch sports (soccer) and eat a HUGE meal. We did just that yesterday.

Monique and I settled on five recipes to make: herby stuffing, kale salad, potato dill casserole, stuffed squash, and pear strudel! I had already made a tofu pumpkin pie, and there was chicken and grilled eggplant and peppers courtesy of Victor. Monique and I shopped for food at local organic markets in the morning, and cooked all afternoon while the boys (Victor, Monique's cousin, and his friend) watched soccer. By 7pm the five of us were eating a delicious feast! I didn't partake of the chicken, but I did partake of some wine and LOTS of food. Monique and I ate until our stomachs hurt, and then crashed early.

Here is me trying one of our delicious creations:

Today is leftover day! And later tonight we'll be going out to see a band called Giant Sand that is a favorite of Victor's.

Tomorrow is my last morning in Toronto and then I head to the sustainable buildings workshop for a week. I haven't gotten to see everything I wanted to see in Toronto, so I'll just have to come back one day!

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