Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sitting at Starbucks

I'm sitting at a Starbucks - I never thought I'd actually do it, but I really felt the desire to spend some time online tonight and the girls I'm staying with really need their internet with all the moving/packing/selling stuff they're doing right now. Starbucks didn't have any organic or fair trade decaf coffee so I'm drinking herbal tea. Turns out Starbucks' wifi isn't even free! But there are two other wireless free options in the area so I'm able to tap into that while sitting here.

It's been a little rainy all day - which made me opt to spend a lot of time indoors. I did eventually venture out to "The Distillary"( - formerly the largest distillary in the British Empire, now a historic pedestrian only village of art shops, restaurants, and some days, farmers' markets. I checked out the chocolateir and some art galleries before venturing out into the rain to ride to a movie theatre called Cineform. It's actually a theatre inside a guy's house - really funky. I watched Siddhartha - a movie based on a novel by Herman Hesse. It didn't appear to be based at all on Siddharta Gautama's life, but I don't think that was the point. It was a beautifully shot movie, but the plot and acting left a little to be desired. Interestingly it was the first movie made for an American audience with a fully Indian cast, and the first movie from India to have a love scene in it! (this from the people who invented Kama Sutra!)

After the movie I bought some food from one of the MANY health food stores in the Kensington Market area with GREAT selections of bulk and organic foods. I got wet riding back to the girls' place - the first time I've ever ridden in the rain! I don't recommend it! Lynda and I then made a wonderful feast together - they have a great garden outside with the most beautiful swiss chard I've ever seen and amazing dill among many other things. We had also cooked great omelets this morning (I'd been eating vegan the entire time until the omelets)

I uploaded more pics tonight - check them out!

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